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Sarah Paul - Sponsor Now

Sarah Paul

Place Carries Ouest Haiti

Ministry Children of Grace Orphanage

Age 12

House Girls House

Gender Female

Sarah and her twin sister Ruth were brought to us by there dad when they were 15 days old. Mom gave birth to them and cared for them for 10 days and then left them in a house, covered their faces and walked away forever. She was too overwhelmed and she had 2 other kids and she was only 23 years and felt that abandoning them was her only choice. A neighbor was walking by and heard their cries and entered the house and went and found their dad and gave them back to their dad who had abandoned their mom. Their dad had heard about Children of Grace Orphanage and brought them to us. They were very tiny, delicate and fragile at 15 days old and they had been eating boiled crackers for 10 days. So they were quite sick. Sarah’s sister Ruth became very sick, but Sarah has done very well with us.


She is strong and sweet and we love what her little personality brings to our Home. She loves school and is such a big help around the orphanage.