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Alexandra Toussaint - Sponsor Now

Alexandra Toussaint

Place Carries Ouest Haiti

Ministry Children of Grace Orphanage

Age 19

Gender Female

Alexandra loves to laugh. She came to us in January very thin, very dirty and had a very hard look in her eyes. Her mom gave her to us because she was very poor and unable to take care of her.

Today Alexandra is a beautiful young lady, full of life with a big smile and great laugh.  She loves to dress up to go to church and youth group. I will often find her singing by herself. She is thriving and growing very healthy. She does not love school so we are helping her understand the importance an education will be to her.

One day Ms. Lynn came over to the orphanage and Alexandra was having a tough day in school and she said she did not want to go to school anymore. We told her that she had to or did she want to stay at the orphanage for the rest of her life and she said she wanted to stay with us forever. But Ms. Lynn would have none of that so she told Alexandra that she needed to become a nurse so she can take care of Ms. Lynn and Mommy Kim when we get old and need care. She is still finding school a struggle, but she is trying.