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Place Carries Ouest Haiti

Ministry Teen Girls Home

We met Joanne in our church. It was a special occasion and she was leading the church in some songs and we noticed how well she sang and led. She was very quiet and shy but very gifted. She was living in the village with some family members. Her mom lived in another village, was very sick and also had other children to take care of. One day Joanne came and asked us if we could help pay her tuition for school so we started paying it and then in 2015 when we started our Grace Girls Home she asked if she could come and live with us because she wanted a stable place to live.

She has now graduated from 4 years of nursing and is responsible for the the health care in the orphanage, she leads worship in church and is so thankful to be safe and cared for. She has a beautiful heart and truly loves the Lord.