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Guerda Dominque - 1 of 4 Shares Sponsored

Guerda Dominque

Place Carries Ouest Haiti

Ministry Teen Girls Home

Age 26

Grade 3

Guerda began coming to Grace Community Church when she was 15 years old. Her mother was living in another village and she was staying with an aunt and uncle who did their best to put her through school, When she was 16 years old, her father died in a mining accident; her aunt and uncle came to us, asking us to take care of Guerda; they did not have room in their home for her and she was sleeping on the floor. The girl’s home had not yet opened but we felt a need to take care of Guerda so we moved her into the orphanage for a year. Once the home was opened, she was able to move into the new girl’s home. Guerda misses her family but is so thankful for a safe, stable place to live. She has thrived and done well in the time that she’s live with us and she recently graduated high school in June 2017. She hopes to become a Dr one day who is able to help her community and country.