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Fabiola Marcelin - 1 of 4 Shares Sponsored

Fabiola Marcelin

Ministry Teen Girls Home

Age 26

Ms Lynns brother found Fabiola on the streets of Port Au Prince when she was 6 years old. It was a rainy evening and he was going to the market and his eye caught this young girl. He asked her a few questions and asked if she would take him to her house. He then went to her house and found her mom and a brother. Her dad had left her at a very young day. Ms Lynn’s Brother asked the mom if Fabiola was in school and the mom said no. So Ms Lynns brother started paying for her school and realized that it might be best for her if he took care of her and she move into his house. After that Ms Lynns Mom came and decided it would be best for Fabiola to move to Plesaince and live with her. So Ms Lynn’s mom took care of her and put her in school and involved her in church and music and taught her about the Lord.

When we started Grace Girl’s Home Ms Lynn’s mom asked if we could take care of Fabiola. Fabiola is very talented young lady. In Plesaince they taught her tennis and she has come to teach the orphanage kids tennis. She has the voice of an angel and loves the Lord with all of her heart. We know God will use Fabiola in the ministry as a pastor or music leader. She is doing well in school and is the leader of the Girls House.