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Elysee Dory - Sponsor Now

Elysee Dory

Place Carries Ouest Haiti

Ministry Children of Grace Orphanage

Age 10

House Boys

Gender Male

I have sister(s) 2

In February 2020, a couple came to the mission with three of their six children seeking help. They live in Cite Soliel but had traveled several hours to the Mission of Grace because they felt they had no other alternative.
Their request was that the mission take their three youngest children, seven year old twin girls and five year old son in to the orphanage. The parents had been struggling to provide food and shelter for their family and, out of desperation, thought the better option was to give their children to someone else to raise knowing they would be cared for. It was painfully obvious the parents loved their children and didn’t come to this choice hastily.
Although it was a difficult and heart wrenching decision, the orphanage is at capacity and is unable to accept the children at this time.
A few missionaries serving here gathered to pray for the family and even reached into their own pockets to provide a monetary donation to the family.
They ate lunch at the soup kitchen, the mission provided some groceries for them to take with them on their return journey, and promised to keep in contact with the family.
On August 20, 2020 the family came back and again asked us to take the three children. The Father and Mother are very desperate as Cite Soleil is arguably the worst slum in the Western Hemisphere. We took in Elysee and his two sisters who will now have a safe place, and will receive love, nourishment, medical attention and an education though our mission.