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Elizabeth Jean-Francois - Sponsor Now

Elizabeth Jean-Francois

Place Carries Ouest Haiti

Ministry Children of Grace Orphanage

Age 12

Gender Female

We received a phone call one day from a friend of Ms. Lynn saying that she just found this little 7-month-old baby. Elizabeth’s mom is only 17 years old and became pregnant. She had Elizabeth in the hospital and then took her home and realized that she was unable to take care of this fragile baby. So she brought her to Ms. Lynn's friend and gave her away.

Elizabeth came to us very thin and she did not engage well with people. She was 7 months but looked like she was 4 months.

She is a sweet girl, who loves school and is one of the older kids in her house and so she takes good care of the smaller ones.  She is also a big help to the nannies.