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Elisha Charles - Sponsor Now

Elisha Charles

Place Carries Ouest Haiti

Ministry Children of Grace Orphanage

Age 13

Gender Male

Elisha came from a mountain village. His mom presented at a clinic complaining that she had swollen ankles and a headache, but she had also walked hours to get to the hospital and was 7 months pregnant. Mom was 18 years old at this time. The nurse immediately took her blood pressure and it was very, very high, dangerously high. Mom was treated all day but still did not show signs of healing. So the next morning at 3 a.m. she was driven to a hospital 6 hours through the mountains down to Port Au Prince. They took her to the Miami Hospital which is a hospital that is run by American teams. They took her immediately into emergency surgery to get the baby out before either of them died. The doctors said that they do not know how the mom survived the night. They say she should have died. But we know that our God is a God of miracles and He will get all the praise. Mom and babe survived.

Elisha was born weighing 1.8 kilograms, he stayed in NICU for 1 month until he gained 2 pounds and then he came to live in the Orphanage.

Elisha is very little and keeps us very busy, but we are so glad he is part of our family. Every time we hold him and love on him and pray for him we realize what an awesome and intricate God that we serve. He was so little yet so perfect. He has every finger, every toe, his nose is in the perfect spot. God chose him to live and serve him all of his days. We believe Elisha will truly be a “friend of God.” That he will walk all of the days of his life hand in hand with his Heavenly Father. Elisha is a fighter. He has had a tough beginning to life, but God has a special call on Elisha’s life and He will do mighty exploits for His Father. Elisha is most people's favorite, with his charming smile and loving cuddles, he wins most people's heart.