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David Fariel - Sponsor Now

David Fariel

Place Carries Ouest Haiti

Ministry Children of Grace Orphanage

Age 12

House Boys House

Gender Male

David’s mom came with him to our gate 3 times, the first time we sent her home with milk and diapers and told her that she could take care of him she just needed support because he looked very healthy and she looked quite capable of caring for her baby. She was a single, young mom and she came back to us the next week and we noticed that he was wheezing so we gave her money to go to the hospital, he was about 2 months. When she came back the doctor told her to stop breastfeeding that this was causing him to have a hard time breathing because she was not eating properly and she did not have money to keep buying formula for him. So we took him in at 2 months and he has been a very healthy baby for us.

He is growing and thriving and has a very sweet personality. He loves to play and dance.