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Chloe Clerveus - Sponsor Now

Chloe Clerveus

Place Carries Ouest Haiti

Ministry Children of Grace Orphanage

Age 11

House Girls House

Gender Female

Chloe came to Mission of Grace in October 2012 when she was only 1 month old. Due to complications during childbirth, Chloe’s mother went into a coma. Her grandmother attempted to take care of Chloe for a month but as her mother did not begin to recover, she became desperate and came to ask us to take care of her grandchild. After several more months, Chloe’s mom did recover and came to visit Chloe 1 time after being released from the hospital but did not want her and never returned to see her or check on her again. Chloe is a very happy, kind child and enjoys going to school.