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Wisnel (Abraham) Joseph - Sponsor Now

Wisnel (Abraham) Joseph

Place Carries Ouest Haiti

Ministry Children of Grace Orphanage

Age 8

House Baby House

Gender Male

Abraham came to Mission of Grace in June of 2017 when he was 1 ½ year old and weighed only 13 pounds. His mother brought him to our mission because she had been unable to feed him and wanted us to take him to the orphanage. We agreed to take him and offered to allow the mom to live in our single’s mom home and raise her son as we provided food and housing for them. His mother chose not to come stay at the mission and came to drop off his birth certificate. He was quite malnourished when he came to us and very delayed developmentally but he began gaining weight and growing within weeks of arriving.

Today he has found his smile and you can find him sneaking up on you and flashing his smile and sitting on your lap.